Expanding Education

Expanding Education Flyer
Expanding Education Flyer

Education is an Investment to Our Futures!

Our Campaign will fight for our Teachers as much as our Students. From Kindergarten to College, no Student should be discriminated from an Education for being poor. At the same time, No Teacher should have to come out of pocket for supplies or be living check to check. 

  • Our Teachers deserve a raise, so let's give it to them. There's absolutely no reason to wait for our Teachers to Walk Out in the Rain to demand one. Also, giving them Back Pay and a raise, (that was owed to them) wasn't enough.  Invest in them, they are investing in our Future.
  • 25 Student Classroom Caps, with no more than 30 under special circumstances. 
  • The use of Tablets to minimize book costs and weight.
  • Expand Art and Music. These programs continue to get gutted all across the Country. Art and Music develop creative thought. Free Thinkers. 
  • Adding Business and Stock Trade into the curriculum. Teaching these at a High School Level will give everyone a fighting chance in the Real World. To learn the ins, and outs of the Stock Exchange will give our youth an inside on things like their 401k.
  • All Schools powered by Renewable Energy, Solar, Wind, or Water.
  • Tuition Free College. 
  • Pay Students who work on Campus well.
  • Private Charter Schools shouldn't be allowed access to Public School Funding.
Miguel Zuniga