Campaign Goals


  • Prefinance Home Loans
  • Foreclosure Bill where Foreclosures can only be sold to 1st Time Home Buyers and those Victimized by Predatory Lenders.
  • Federal Jobs Guarantee Focused on Building Affordable Housing
  • Tenant Unions
  • Rent Control
  • Repeal of Costa Hawkins(Even though in Congress this is out of my hands, I will still push and Endorse Candidates to fight to Repeal it.)


  • Will Support, Cosponsor, and Fight for Single Payer Healthcare
  • Everyone will be Covered
  • Dental and Optical Included
  • No more Deductibles or Out of Pocket Expenses
  • No more For Profit Healthcare Insurance Companies responsible for more Lives Lost than Saved. No need to pay the Insurance Industry, more than the Medical Industry anymore.
  • End Big Pharma's for Profit Industry too. Life Saving Medicine shouldn't be the Privilege of the Rich.


  • 25 Student Classroom Caps. No more than 30 under Special Circumstances.
  • Expanding Music and Art 
  • Adding Business Entrepreneurship, Stocks, and Investing into the High School Curriculum.
  • Tuition Free College
  • Minimizing Costs of Books and Protecting the Environment by Downloading all Books and Assignments on open source Tablets or Laptops.
  • Federal Job Guarantee focus on Teachers, Aids, Substitutes, Maintanence, and Nurses.
  • Pay Raises for our Teachers and Staff.

-Federal Jobs Guarantee

  • Living Wage Jobs
  • Infrastructure Jobs
  • School Jobs for more Teachers, Aides, Nurses, and Maintenance.
  • Labor for Affordable Housing
  • Labor for Renewable Energy
  • Library Expansion

-Maximum Wage Cap

No CEO with a yearly profit of 10 Million or higher, should make more than 300 times their Bottom Line. Example, if a CEOs Bottomline is 10 Dollars an hour, they can't make more than 3000 dollars an hour. Now if this CEO wants to make 6000 an hour, they would just have to give their Bottom line a 10 dollar raise to 20 an hour. 

The 2nd Option would be to Profit Share any profit over that 10 million mark by 25-35% depending if they profit past 100 million.

This is how you take care of the people over Corporations. You don't tax the companies and pray that these Politicians spend it on the right things. You insure the Companies direct the funds to the hard working Employees that help make those Profits!

-Election Integrity

  • Paper Ballots
  • One Week Voting Window
  • Voting Receipts with Time/Date and Numeric Order of Vote Stamped
  • Rank Choice Voting
  • Publicly Funded Elections Only
  • Election Day Holiday
  • Strict and Harsh Penalties on those Guilty of Election Fraud
  • Proposing a Bill making it Illegal for any Party that Identifies as a Corporation or is owned by one, to participate in Our Country's Elections
  • Abolish the Electoral College, One Vote, One Voice, a True Democracy.
  • Open up the Primaries. Our Country's Faith isn't up to Two Corporately Owned Parties to Decide. How can we look in the mirror and say "Democracy"? Vote for anyone in any Party you want as a Registered Voter, isn't it time that your Vote counted? As the Voice of the Voiceless, I fight to give you your Own Voice!
  • Support Our Troops by Defending Our Vote! Many gave their Lives to Protect Ours, it's the least we can do in to Honor them.
  • The Repeal of Citizen's United
Miguel Zuniga