The Homeless Epidemic!

Our Homeless Population has increased at Record Rates.
Our Homeless Population has increased at Record Rates.

A Check Away from the Streets.

Living Check to Check, facing Evictions, not being able to Afford a Doctor even with Insurance, Insane House Pricing, and Gentrification are our leading reasons for Homelessness.

 Many will argue drugs, but the reality is many that became Homeless were never on Drugs, they may of turned to drugs in their desperation on the Streets, but it's not what got them there.

 We ignore the Predatory Loans these Corporate Banks were getting away with. Reverse mortgages that were the only way someone can get a payment they can afford on a housing market that skyrocketed. These same Mortgages weren't explained properly and were the cause of many people being displaced and credit damaged to the point that they will never qualify for a house again. The same Banks that made a fortune and also cashed in on these Homes were Bailed Out and Rewarded after they blew all the profit on Lavish Homes and Lifestyles. 

Our Proposals on Homeless and Housing

  • The Homeless deserve shelter, food, and clothing. There's plenty of empty lots and buildings that can be transformed to shelters with on premise 24 hour Medical facilities, A few Businesses that those capable of Working can start getting back on their feet.
  • Lets not throw those on Drugs in Jail, but let's ease them off the drugs in a Rehab facility under Professional Medical Supervision.
  • Our Campaign is also talking about Homeless Prevention. We need to shift those Renting to Home Owners. One way is with the Prefinance Home Loan. 25% of Floreclosures from the Banks that got Bailed Out will fall into this Prgram. We evaluate those with low credit and debt. Once qualified we include your debt in the equity of the the foreclosure with enough equity to protect the Banks, if you don't pay and Foreclose. If you do pay your Mortgage, you also pay off your bills and your Credit Score will rise. You can also refinance after a few years and the Bank gets paid in Full. By the way, there will be a Loan Cap so the Banks can't abuse this Proposal. 
  • With the Public Bank Option on the Table here in California, that would be a great Source to Loan Money to buy homes for the Working Class. The Public Bank and Prefinance Home Loan would be a match made in Heaven. 
  • A Federal Jobs Guarantee Is already widely discussed. It seems that the Focus is on Infastructure for those Jobs, but what if we also throw in Affordable Housing in the Mix? We would open more good paying Jobs and grow the House Market all at once.
  • Our Campaign is prepared to Repeal Costa Hawkins!
  • Forming Strong Bottom Up Tenant Unions.
  • Pushing for Common Sense Rent Control.
  • Pushing for Public Land Deed Options.

We must work as many angles as possible before we lose anymore Love Ones to the Streets.

Miguel Zuniga