Breaking Walls and Building Bridges!

With Jill Stein- ﹰGreen ﹰParty ﹰPresidential ﹰCandidate.
With Jill Stein- ﹰGreen ﹰParty ﹰPresidential ﹰCandidate.

Some of the Evolutionary Revolutionaries I've had the Pleasure of Working with.

I'm a Firm Believer that we must Focus on an Inside/Outside Strategy. Many times I've mentioned the #TurquoiseCoalition, where Progressive Greens Slate with Democratic Reformers that fight for the same things and refuse to let the Parties continue to Divide us.

I will Work with Anyone who will Expose the Corruption, Replace it, and Pass Laws that Prevent any Special Interest from Buying our Country again!

No Law will Demagnetize my Moral Compass. When I saw Compton was suffering of Dirty Water. I went to help with all my resources because it was a Moral Issue, but Politics is always getting in the way. #WaterIsLife! They must find a way to Profit, Sell you a Solution, and Tax you to Resolve it, if they ever do.

I'm Extremely Grateful to have been surrounded by so many Political Revolutionaries that Sacrifice so much everyday, just to Better our Futures! Love you Guys!!

Miguel Zuniga