Who's Miguel Zuniga?

Diala, Marie, Mykle, and Miguel Zuniga
Diala, Marie, Mykle, and Miguel Zuniga

Miguel Angel Zuniga Jr.

Born in Harbor City General, Harbor City. My Mom is Cuban and my Dad is Mexican. I was raised in Lawndale for the first 30 years of my Life. I attended Billy Mitchell Elementary and Jane Adams Junior High, both  in Lawndale. Then I went to Hawthorne High School, in Hawthorne. I worked in the El Camino College's Library for Back to Back Summer jobs, which later, I would attend for 3 years.

I helped open the Best Buy in Hawthorne after working at Frys Electronics. It is until this day that the Hawthorne Costco has been my home for the last 24 years. 

I met my Wife Diala through a mutual friend while she attended Long Beach City College. A few years later we Married and I moved in with her in Gardena for about a year. Now we live in Lomita and have been Married for 14 years. We have a 6 year old Boy by the name of Mykle and his 3 year old Sister by the name of Marie. We currently are trying to teach them all 3 of our Languages. I'm Half Cuban and Mexican and Diala is Lebanese, so it's English, Spanish, and Arab. My Family is one of the Major Reasons I run, to help build a Brighter Future for them and their Kids. 

Every City mentioned above is in our District. I'm a Lifetime Member of our District who refuses to ignore the Homeless, our Unlivable Wages, our Unaffordable Housing, Teachers Striking in the Rain, Refineries destroying our Quality of Life, and all while our Representatives make themselves wealthy at our expense.

In 2016 I was a National Delegate for Bernie Sanders. In Philly I was one of the Leaders of the Walk Out when Bernie released us. I walked out on the Party that day too. I wasn't going to put any party over the Will of the People. 

While I ran for Congress in 2018, I also joined an Activist group in Compton, the Sativa Water Activists! They are from Willowbrook Compton outside our district, where they had been suffering of dirty water at 3 times the price as the neighboring homes with clean water. This issue had been around longer than Flint Michigan. Well we recalled the Company, then took it to the Board of Directors where they voted Unanimously to Shut Down Sativa Water.  

In the middle of the fight for Clean Water, one of the Main Activist in the Fight, told me, "Shouldnt you be in your District Campaigning?" I said "Yeah, but you dont have Clean Water do you?" She said "No" and it was all hugs! 

I've been a Guess Speaker for Peace Week in San Pedro for 3 years now. It's a Peaceful Counter Protest to Fleet Week. It's the week when the Military Branches Glorify their War Toys and hope to gain some Recruits. Well we support our Troops, but we support them by Keeping Them Home protecting us and not sending them to Conquer in the name of Greed and Power. 

Rallied for Single Payer Healthcare here in Cali, SB562. Then Democratic Speaker of the House Anthony Rendon shelved it. So then we Recalled him.

Rallied against the Oil Refinary merger in Carson to Wilmington. 

Worked on Campaigns with Candidates such as Kenneth Mejias, Rodolfo Cortes, Maria Estrada, Angelica Dueñas, Cullen Tiernan, Caney Arnold(R.I.P.), Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein, who I also had the Honor of Speaking on stage with twice.

I plan on Working on some of those Campaigns again for the 2020 season. 

Marie, Miguel, and Mykle Zuniga
Marie, Miguel, and Mykle Zuniga
Miguel Zuniga