A Voice for the Voiceless

I have always been outspoken about Politics, since High School. Now I'm LOUDER than ever. I have to be, since I choose to be the Voice of the Voiceless!

Especially today, if you're Homeless, a Renter, or an Employee on Unlivable Wages, I am your Voice! If your Health Insurance is too Pricey and still denies you your Coverage, I am your Voice! If you agree our Schools should expand on Art, Music, while adding Fundamental Business, Stocks, and Sustainability with a 25-30 Maximum Cap Class Room, then I am your Voice! If you believe in Tuition Free College, I am your Voice! If you believe that we shouldn't just Abolish I.C.E., but also Prosecute them for everything from Rape to the Deaths on their watch, I am your Voice!

This is your Campaign, I will relay the message, now let's get LOUD!

Green Party
Green Party

Corporations can't afford Us!

People always talk about "Taking Money Out of Politics" then turn around and vote for Politicians that voted to Keep the Money!!

When I raised less than 4 thousand in my last race, I was told I wasn't "Viable"!?!? So if they take the money, don't get mad at me when they represent their donors over you. I only take money from the People. When I do that, guess who I work for? The People, thats right!

I joined the Green Party after being a Lifetime Democrat, because they don't take Special Interests Money. Their Campaigns are People funded. Thats why when a 28 year old like Kenneth Mejia raised over 40k as a Green in L.A., that's Historic! He made Top 2, too. Us Greens run Campaigns led by our Hearts. I'm Running with a Proposal to invest 25% of my Congressional Salary back in the District. Most Politicians ask for more money once they get in. I'm not a Politician, I'm a Person trying to Replace a Politician!

Miguel Zuniga