Our 2018 Run.

2018 Run
2018 Run

I'm not a Politician, I'm trying to replace one!

I ran as a Working Class Candidate. I've been a Costco Employee for 24 Years now. In 2016 I became a Bernie Sanders National Delegate. In Philly I was amongst the first to Walk Out at the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia. The next day I ditched the Convention and spoke at the Protest Rally right outside. When I finished, I jumped over the barrier onto the Crowd. I spoke to Veterans in tears that thanked me for everything I did. That's when I decided I wanted to run.

Being that I'm a family man with 2 young kids and 40 hour work weeks, it's tough running for Office. That's why it's important that we do, or who else represents the Working Class, a Billionaire? Someone who doesn't know what it's like to possibly face an eviction over someone who has? Someone who has Fully Covered Health Insurance at our expense? These and many other reasons are why I chose to run. I chose to bring a fresh batch of Proposals to a District, State, and Nation that desperately need them. 

The plan has always been to Put a Heart in the Machine! Since we haven't accomplished that yet, we are going at it again. This time we plan to go Harder!

Miguel Zuniga