It's Time to Put a Heart in the Machine!

Miguel Zuniga Congressional District 43
Miguel Zuniga Congressional District 43

You know Goliath? Now meet David!

Maxine Waters is a Titan in the Democratic Party. A Respectable Woman who's held a Seat in Congress for 30 years. Though her Seat hasn't changed, the District she Represents and never lived in, has and not for the better. We are not Running against Maxine, we are Running against a District that knows nothing else but Maxine Waters. We are running to challenge our own District to Demand more from our Elected Officials. We can't outbid the current Established Candidates of the Duopoly, so it's time to Replace them!

The increase of Unaffordable Housing mixed with Gentrification from Greedy Developers have also been a Huge contribution to the Record Rise in Homeless.

Townhalls are nice places to Vent, but the People demand Action and the Homeless Desperately Need it.

As a Lifetime Member of our District, it's impossible for me to Ignore Our Needs. I don't live in a 5 Million dollar Mansion in Hancock Park. I live in Our District and I'm paying someone's Mortgage in rent on a Check to Check Basis, where I can also be next to be Homeless.

She's today's Modern Age Goliath, will this David(Our Campaign) is prepared to hit her Achilles Heel. That's YOU!

Our District Needs Your Support to Put One of Ours at the Table to be Our Voice, to Finally Put A Heart In The Machine!

Please, Share, Donate, Volunteer, and Most Importantly, Vote! 


A Voice for the Voiceless

I have always been outspoken about Politics, since High School. Now I'm LOUDER than ever. I have to be, since I choose to be the Voice of the Voiceless!

Especially today, if you're Homeless, a Renter, or an Employee on Unlivable Wages, I am your Voice! If your Health Insurance is too Pricey and still denies you your Coverage, I am your Voice! If you agree our Schools should expand on Art, Music, while adding Fundamental Business, Stocks, and Sustainability with a 25-30 Maximum Cap Class Room, then I am your Voice! If you believe in Tuition Free College, I am your Voice! If you believe that we shouldn't just Abolish I.C.E., but also Prosecute them for everything from Rape to the Deaths on their watch, I am your Voice!

This is your Campaign, I will relay the message, now let's get LOUD!

Miguel Zuniga